Carbide Endmill

  • End Mill For Titanium Alloys

    End Mill For Titanium Alloys

    Applicable to high performance manufacture of aircraft titanium alloys,Heat Resistant Alloys and Stainless Steels.With the flute design of unequal helix angle 38~41⁰,unequal pitch,unequal helical pitch,minimize the milling deflection,high performance and quality of surface finish.

  • High Efficiency End Mill

    High Efficiency End Mill

    This tool is applicable to high efficiency manufacture of steel,cast iron HRC≤48⁰.With the flute design of unequal helix angle,unequal pitch,minimize the milling deflection.Suitable for deep and wide efficiency milling.Flute configuration : Flat ,ball and ball nose.

  • High Hardness End Mill

    High Hardness End Mill

    The tool is widely used in mould making, auto industry and so on.Applicable to semi finishing and finish of hardened material with HRC 5068⁰.Can cut Prehardened Steels,Hardened Steels,Cast Iron,Ductile Iron.Apply on 3 axis and 5 axis CNC machine.For all the high hardness end mill,the best cooling is blowing with compressed air. Specialized design with U groove to maximum the core diameter,improve the rigidity and chip removal ,increase the life time of end mill.With high precision quality control,achieve excellent process of high hardness steel material.

  • Micro And Long Neck End Mill

    Micro And Long Neck End Mill

    Applicable to micro and deep milling for precision die manufacture of Carbon Steels,Alloy Steels,Hardened Steels,Copper Alloys,Aluminum Alloys and so on, the material of hardness below HRC 65⁰.The coating is high performance nanotechnology,with high temperature resistance and wear resistance.